Your Voice, Our Future: Participate in Shaping Nairobi’s Fiscal Strategy for 2024

The Nairobi City County has laid out its fiscal blueprint for 2024 in the latest County Fiscal Strategy Paper (CFSP), and it represents more than just numbers and policies. It symbolizes the heartbeat of our city’s progress and the potential for transformative change. But this document is not set in stone – it requires the insight, experiences, and voices of Nairobians, especially those from our underserved urban slums, to truly reflect the diverse needs of our great city.

The CFSP outlines vital sectors that will receive focused investment, including urban infrastructure, healthcare, education, digital economy, and sustainable agriculture – areas that resonate with the daily realities of slum dwellers. With a projected budget of KSh. 42.8 billion, the CFSP aims to meet the 30% legal requirement for development expenditure, ensuring a balanced approach between growth and public service enhancement.

Kutoka Network recognizes the critical importance of public participation in this process. The allocation of resources, prioritization of projects, and overall fiscal direction should not be decided in isolation. Every resident of Nairobi deserves a chance to contribute to the dialogue that will shape the services they receive and the environment they live in.

We urge all residents, particularly those from Nairobi’s slums, to actively engage with the CFSP. Take the time to read through the document, understand the proposed expenditures, and reflect on how they align with your community’s needs. This is not just about the present; it’s about laying a solid foundation for our future generations.

Public participation sessions will be held across all seventeen sub-counties, providing a platform for you to express your views, ask questions, and propose ideas. This is your opportunity to ensure that the priorities outlined in the CFSP align with the real, pressing needs of your neighborhoods.

Join the public participation sessions:

  • Date: 20th and 21st February 2024
  • Time: 9 AM onwards
  • Venues: Locations across all sub-counties (details in the CFSP document)

Your participation will be instrumental in advocating for a fair distribution of resources, ensuring that development projects are not just equitable but also sustainable and impactful.

Kutoka Network stands with you in this crucial process. Together, lets advocate for a budget that promises not only growth but also dignity and justice for all Nairobi residents, especially those in the slums who are often left behind.

Read the CFSP document: CFSP 2024 Condensed Version

Make your voice heard. Shape Nairobi’s future.

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