Kutoka Network has been able to continuously train and build the skills of a team of youths drawn from different slums. To date, the youths, many of whom came with no skills on journalism are not only able to
report from their slums but also compile, record and edit their stories. They are now able to tell the slum story more eloquently. The programme is also training them on research skills to enable them access authoritative
sources of information.

Kutoka Network through Sauti Kutoka Ghetto programme and other programes which were airing on Radio Waumini  alongside our main programme contributed tremendously to advocating for the rights of underprivileged slum dwellers especially on issues of advocacy , governance and participatory leadership. As a result of these efforts, slum communities have been empowered to seek for government action in addressing issues affeceting them. Policy makers, implementers and humanitarian organisations such as the UN have become more responsive to the needs of slums dwellers. As a result of this improved relationship, there is an increased government presence in the slums.

Kutoka Network is frequently invited to participate at various stakeholders meetings and functions as a formidable voice from the slums. Through this, slum communities have been empowered not just to complain but to also
provide solutions.