Statement by Kutoka Network Condemning the Killings in Ongoing Demonstrations in Kenya

Kutoka Network Stands for the Rights of Peaceful Demonstration in Kenya

We are deeply concerned by the recent actions of the police against peaceful demonstrators protesting the finance bill. The use of teargas and force to disperse citizens exercising their constitutional right to assemble is unacceptable.

According to Article 37 of the Kenyan Constitution, every person has the right to assemble, demonstrate, picket, and present petitions to public authorities peacefully and unarmed. These fundamental freedoms must be upheld and respected by all.

We commend the youth for standing up against the ills in society and calling for change. Holding our leaders accountable is what we have always stood for, and we are happy that the youth are now doing that. We urge them to continue with their civic rights and also register as voters and exercise their right at the ballot.

We stand in solidarity with all Kenyans advocating for their rights. The voice of the people must be heard without fear of violence or retribution.

We strongly condemn the killings and any form of violence against demonstrators. The government must ensure the safety and protection of its citizens, especially those exercising their democratic rights. Justice must be served for the victims and their families.

Kutoka Network calls for immediate action to end the violence and uphold the principles of democracy and human rights in Kenya.

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