By Peter Kuria Kanini (

Urban lifestyle can never be complete without talking about street children. While most urban residents dread the site of these children, Napenda Kuishi Trust, a project of Comboni Missionaries embrace these children. They struggle to recruit them and rehabilitate them to live like any other children staying with their parents. As one way to make Children enjoy and create an atmosphere of togetherness, the staff of the Trust  together with Sunword Safaris recently organized a trip for the children  to Nakuru National Park.

It is not easy for some of these boys to get that kind of opportunity in their lives because majority of them come from very poor background. As one way of giving them hope, test the sweet life they have never get in their lives and having fun by exploring different places in our country we felt having sometimes together with them and taking them to a different environment will help them change their way of live and to come out of street and agree to go back to school and also feel accepted.

Some of the boys we have in the centre have lost hope in their lives because of the difficulties they go through daily in their lives; they also feel no body loves them and in the street they are treated like thugs or any other criminal, so when they are given this kind of opportunity make s them realize that there people out there who cares for them.

It was a great experience for them to taste the other side of life different with the one they under go every single day of hunger, abuse, torture and pain in their hearts  different environment because most of them are used to see smoke from Dandora dumping site, violence in the street among many other challenges they face.

Very few people always agree to contribute or to give anything to this young boys because most of them treat them like strangers and not like children, The only thing this young ones require is care and love, I want to thank sun word safaris for being very close to this boys and giving them free tour every year we also call upon to other stakeholders to come in and help to raise and give hope to this young ones by simple way you can.

The writer is the co-ordinator of Napenda Kuishi Street Children Programme in Korogocho