Governance and Advocacy

Our project seeks to enhance the knowledge of people living in the slums in  to engage with their leaders and make them more answerable. The project aims to ensure living in self-organized settlements become more knowledgeable and active in making their leaders more answerable to them.

There is an element of marginalization and exclusion of the urban poor who reside in the informal settlements in Nairobi and elsewhere. Yet our
political mobilization is on ethnic basis and therefore this propose seeks to reverse the template and support these people (urban citizenry) to make their leaders follow them rather than the opposite. Moreover, politics in Kenya has become a big enterprise and leaders fear to lose elections.

They will therefore follow their people and advance their agenda once they realize that the people are empowered and are no longer available to respond to their theatrics.

We promote peace building,ethnic cohesion and integration while subscribing to non discrimination principles