Media Engagement. Our Admin Officer was at TV47 to discuss topical issues especially those affecting the slum dwellers.

Visit to Dandora Dumpsite. Kutoka Network, Misereor and other stakeholders visited the dumpsite to see how the situation is on the ground. This was to inform our current program interventions of lobbying for closure of the dumpsite.

Media engagement. Our Executive Director Ms. Shillah Raymond was at Y 254 for a civic participation show. Y254 is a National youth TV broadcaster in Kenya.

Media engagement. Our Program officer Mr. Joseph Muthama was at KBC for a civic participation show. KBC is a National broadcaster in Kenya.

Community leaders planning and feedback meeting of public interest groups in Kayole. Among the issues raised and discussed were the NHIF bill, evictions, COVID vaccines among others. #dignity#publicparticipation#equity#Humanity

Multi stakeholders forum on the implementation of the Court Ruling on Dandora Dumpsite -ELC Petition No. 43 of 2019. Kutoka Network supports the Court ruling for decommissioning Dandora Dumpsite. It’s a security and health risk for residents #equity#Dignity#publicparticipation

Civil society stakeholders in thematic group meetings towards development of the shadow report on the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR)

commemoration of #InternationalDayofPeace, we remind you that peace will be achieved by you and me. We are shaping peace together #justice #equity #dignity #16BarsForPeace #peace #peaceday2020

Community Leaders forum currently in Donholm. The leaders were from Kayole, Dandora, Kibra, Mukuru and Korogocho. We are strategizing how we will kickstart the devolved projects monitoring after breaking during COVID period. We want to ensure that our taxes are used well and cases of corruption reduce by calling for action for all the corrupt. #Dignity #Justice #StopCorruption

Validation workshop at Kayole II social hall of a baseline social audit survey of publicly funded projects in the 5 slums including Mathare, Kibra, Dandora, Mukuru, and Korogocho. #Justice #Equity #Accountability #Justice #Equity #Accountability

Survey on awareness about devolved funds in 6 Constituencies in Nairobi. The survey shows that the obstacles to accessing public funds in Kenya are Knowing somebody working in offices, Bribery and Corruption and tribalism #justice #dignity #equality #publicparticipation

Consultative meeting with members of community monitoring groups in Gatwekera, Kibra Constituency. The purpose is to discuss how we are going to be more active in making our leaders accountable for all the projects in the community. As residents, we need to be more involved in ensuring that leaders deliver. #equality #publicparticipation #justice #dignity #peace

Mathare Public Interest Groups (PIGs) planning activities for monitoring public funds in Mathare Constituency for in the next 3 months. The team also reviewed activities they have done in the last one year through their various organizations.

Consultative meeting with Members of Dandora Public Interest Group (PIGs)which is one of the 6 within Nairobi county. The PIGs monitor implementation of development projects financed through devolved funds. The other PIGs are Ruaraka, Kibra, Dandora, Mukuru and Kayole. Kutoka Network argues that the county and national government has devolved substantial resources to the constituency level. #Justice#equality#dignity#publicparticipation

Social mapping exercise of the Dandora Dumping Site to identify the stake-holders and get the views of those working or residing at the Dumpsite so that we can rally the stakeholder for a common approach of decommissioning the Dumpsite!

Nov 2019 -Amnesty International caucus on the right to housing with intention of amplifying community voices to realize Eviction Act (Shakil Shabil Eviction Bill 2012). Kutoka was represented by Joseph Muthama, Programme Officer

Oct 2019 – Training of Community Journalists held at MOCS community centre in Kayole. The training was to empower young people to tell their stories and that of their community.

Ruaraka Public interest group meeting to came up with an action plan on how they will monitor public funds and hold their leaders accountable. 

Sept 2019 – Training of research Assistants for our baseline survey about Devolved funds in Nairobi. These were young people from the slums of Nairobi, who also act as our young journalists from Mathare, Embakasi South, North, Central, Ruaraka and Kibra constituencies. We aim at empowering young people from the slums

21st Sept 2019 – International Day of peace celebrations at Huruma grounds

20th Sept 2019 Climate March. The last four years have been the hottest years ever on record. Yet, global emissions from fossil fuels continue to rise threatening the survival of all life on earth. Extreme weather events have increased with Kenya experiencing its share of floods, drought, forest fires, species extinction & sea level rise despite our minimal contribution in emissions. This calls for urgent action from all governments to decarbonise and transition to renewable energy.
Kutoka Network is participated in a Climate March within Nairobi CBD in support of the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York on September 21st. This march was to call for the government’s action in its commitment to 100% renewable energy by 2020. Our future is at risk and we cannot remain silent. #ClimateAction #Justice #Kutoka4Environment #ClimateStrike

20th Sept 2019 – Clean up ahead of the celebration of international peace day at Huruma Grounds. Peace Day theme was climate action for peace. What climate action are you taking? At Kutoka, we are cleaning our environment, please join us. #Peace4Environment #ClimateAction #Justice #Dignity #Equity

7th Sept 2019 – Awareness forum on devolved funds happening in Mathare at Twaweza Community Hall, Mathare with representatives from Mathare constituency The forum was about the public funded projects in Mathare constituency. Representatives discussing projects in each of the 6 wards in Mathare constituency. The wards are Kiamaiko Ward, Hurum ward, Ngei ward, Mabatini ward, Hospital ward and Mlango kubwa ward. #Justice #Equity #Dignity

Ruaraka public watchdog team meeting at St Johns Catholic Church Korogocho. The team is mandated with monitoring public funded projects in Ruaraka constituency #Dignity #Justice #Equity

21st Aug 2019 – Workshop on enhancing of Wakaazi in 5 self – organized settlements to engage with their leaders and make them more answerable: THE KIBRA CHAPTER.

13th August 2019 – Devolved funds awareness forum at Calvary Church in Korogocho. We formed a monitoring committee to follow up on the projects funded by devolved funds so that we hold our leaders accountable. #Justice #Dignity #Equity #Devolution

9th Aug 2019 – Training in Chamanade Hall in Mukuru, Embakasi South constituency;the training was on public funded projects in the wards. the theme of the training was a people driven legal and advocacy approach to understanding devolved funds

27th July 2019 – Inception meeting at Sandton Hotel Nairobi, with Kutoka Network stakeholders from Korogocho, Kibra, Mathare, Huruma, Kayole and Mukuru to introduce our new project funded by Misereor “Enhancing the knowledge of Wakaazi in 5 self organized settlements to engage with their leaders and make them more answerable.” #Justice #Equity #Equality #Dignity

19th Feb 2019 –  Workshop for Paralegals @Jowanga Hotel in Huruma for the Alternative Justice System. They came up with ideas and suggestions that were submitted at the Judiciary

31st Jan 2019 – Lands and Housing Coalition Stakeholders Consultative meeting hosted by Amnesty International.

30th June 2018 – Handshake Summit at Kariobangi North Social Hall.

July 2017 – Strengthening grassroots organizations Community forum about in Embakasi Central. Voter Education was among the topics of discussion.

July 2017 – Strengthening grassroots organization forum in Mathare. Civic education was among the topics to be covered.

Handshake Summit in Kariobangi

In April 2018, the Kenya President gazetted the handshake committee and tasked them to work and deliver a report in one year. In communities, where kenyans were divided along political lines, is there any change? What are the views of kenyans concerning the handshake. What do they want the committee to do? These and many more are the questions that we tackled in our weekly series of the handshake summit. Forum was held in Kariobangi with residents from Baba dogo, Korogocho, Mathare, Dandora and Kariobangi.

July 2018 – Handshake summit going on in Kayole at St Patrick ACK church Kayole. Mixed reactions about the handshake. Some were happy, some disappointed. No change has been felt so far, according to the residents.

Forum in Kibra

Handshake summit forum in Kibra Constituency at Muungano Hall. Residents shared their views concerning the handshake between President Uhuru and Raila Odinga. We also discussed more about the handshake committee, their roles and what they need to do in the different parts of the country. Also in discussion was the recent demolitions in Kibra.