Board Members

Fr John Webootsa, Board Chair

Fr. John Webootsa is a dedicated Catholic priest known for his extensive work in the Korogocho slums and for his efforts in rehabilitating the Dandora dump site. He has always focused on improving living conditions, offering alternatives to crime and poverty, and empowering the community through education, micro-loans for legal businesses, and musical activities with “Ghetto Classics.” He also established educational and medical facilities, emphasizing inclusivity and support regardless of faith. Despite challenges, his commitment remains unwavering, driven by a selfless dedication to his community rather than personal gain. He won several awards for his community service

Grace Wangari, Board Member

Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, our Board Member Grace Wangari has diverse skills and abilities, with a wealth of experience in media and communications, peacebuilding and gender dynamics. She has a BA in Social Communications as well as an MA in Peace Studies and International Relations, both from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa. In addition, she has recently completed an MA in Women Studies, majoring in Women, Violence and Conflict at the University of York, United Kingdom.

Her research interests focus on examining the role women play in peace and conflict resolution processes, as well as the way that the lived experience of marginalized people (women, children, PLWD, LGBTQIA+ people, members of marginalized ethnic groups, etc.) are shaped by and represented in the media. She explores the ways in which various media forms can be used for social change through political and feminist organizing, how communication can be used as a tool to affirm marginalized communities and how it can be used as a tool of resistance/ speaking out in the face of marginalization of these groups.

Grace is an alumnus of the African Leadership Centre, and was selected as a fellow on the Women, Peace, and Security fellowship programme at Kings College, London in 2014. She has worked in the East and Southern African region in outreach communications, capacity building, lecturing in academia, and gender specialization for the last 15 years. She is currently a Civil Affairs and Gender Advisor with a Ceasefire Monitoring Mechanism (CTSAMVM) in South Sudan where she has been working for the last seven years.

When she is not changing the world slowly but surely, she is at home reading fiction, cooking and trying out new recipes and, most times, watching and laughing at a silly film with her favorite person.

Margaret Muthoka, Board Member

Margaret Muthoka is a lecturer at St. Paul’s University and a transformative figure committed to impacting the youth, women, and vulnerable groups. Her mission as a change agent and vision as a servant leader guide her action-oriented approach to fostering societal transformation. Renowned for her expertise in community development and gender issues, Margaret also excels as a consultant in curriculum development, team building, project management, and strategic planning. Through her educational and consultative endeavors, she embodies a commitment to progressive change, making her a pivotal servant leader in her generation.

Sr. Magdalene Katua, Board Member

Sister Mary Magdalene Katua is a distinguished member of the Incarnate Word Sisters in Kenya, renowned for her dedication to fostering peace in Nairobi’s slums and her role as a lecturer at Tangaza College. She has committed her life to serving marginalized communities, leading peace campaigns that aim to bring about reconciliation and non-violence. Her educational contributions at Tangaza College further highlight her commitment to shaping future leaders. Sister Magdalene’s work exemplifies her order’s mission to manifest God’s love tangibly, making significant strides in transforming lives and inspiring others towards creating a more equitable and peaceful society.